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Where we are the change we want to see!

M&K Medical Staffing Solutions has emerged as one of the fastest-growing staffing agencies in the industry. Our unique approach to nurse-to-nurse vetting enables us to cultivate enduring relationships with both clients and employees. Our success is a direct result of our unwavering commitment to identifying and securing the best people, solutions, and outcomes.

The CEO and founder of M&K Medical Staffing Solutions is a nurse who has personally experienced the challenges faced by frontline healthcare workers. Through rigorous study and observation, we have identified numerous areas where staffing adjustments are necessary to improve patient care. With this knowledge, we are confident that M&K Medical Staffing Solutions can effect the positive change that the healthcare industry so urgently requires. We are dedicated to bringing together like-minded individuals who share our vision and strive to embody the very change needed in healthcare longterm.

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