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M&K MEDICAL STAFFING                        SOLUTIONS

                                                "Where we are the change we want to see!"

M&K Medical Staffing Solutions is a locally owned staffing agency, managed by a team of professional nurses, serving the greater Rochester area. Our primary objective is to identify individuals who share our vision of promoting positive change within the healthcare industry and connect them with clients seeking additional staffing support. While we understand that no one person can single-handedly change the world, we believe that by collectively embodying the change we wish to see, we can make a significant impact, one compassionate heart at a time.

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Our mission is to identify exceptional candidates who are capable of delivering top-tier care, thereby improving the lives of those we serve across all environments. We remain steadfast in our commitment to upholding the highest standards of quality, patient-centered care, while simultaneously prioritizing safety and compassion for all patients. Our aim is to embody the very change that our clients and their patients seek, by consistently delivering exceptional care and support.


Our vision is to become the most trusted and respected nursing staffing agency in the nation, renowned for our ability to provide exceptional healthcare professionals. Our focus on delivering safe, compassionate, and patient-centered care will be reflected in our high-quality services. We are committed to prioritizing the needs of each patient, employee, and client, and this unwavering dedication will set us apart as the agency of choice in the industry.


• Compassion: Our interactions are marked by kindness and empathy towards all individuals we encounter.

Integrity: We remain steadfast in our commitment to being honest and genuine with both ourselves and those around us.

Respect: We recognize the inherent value of every individual and uphold their dignity through our interactions.

Patient Advocacy: We prioritize effective communication with our patients and their healthcare team to ensure optimal care and outcomes.

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